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At LED Austin City Lights, we specialize in high-quality LED lighting for luxury landscaping projects. LED lighting is known for its long-lasting beauty. Our LED lighting professionals strive to transform your property with LED lighting solutions. Whether you are interested in lighting for your garden, pathway, driveway, fences, patios, or more, we can bring your ideas to fruition. 

Our LED light fixtures are all American made in the USA with the best designs and durability in the outdoor lighting industry. Our landscapers can accommodate small-scale and large-scale projects. We are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make the best decision for your home and your needs. Contact LED Austin City Lights for a consultation to discuss our LED landscaping lighting services!

Advantages of LED lighting for your landscape

LED lighting not only adds beauty to your landscape and increases the value of your home, but there are many other benefits. At LED Austin City Light, we provide the highest quality LED lighting. We dive into a few of the top benefits of LED landscape lighting below. 



If you are looking to be more energy-efficient, LED lights can help you achieve your goals. LED lights are more efficient than traditional lighting and are long-lasting as well. With energy-efficient lighting, you can save on costs down the line and enjoy LED lighting for years to come.


LED lighting gives you control over the appearance of your home's exterior at night. Whether you want LED lighting on your walkway, at the entrance of your home, or more, you have complete control over the way your lighting looks. LED lighting casts precisely where you want it to and can create a well-lit, beautiful landscape.


If you are searching for a durable lighting solution, LED lighting is ideal for your landscape. LED is more durable than traditional lighting and can handle shock, various temperatures, and vibration. 
LEDs are not encapsulated in glass and do not use a filament or neon gas, making them more robust. 





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