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6 Simple Tips for Lighting Up Your Garden in Austin, Texas

Your outdoor designs, like your gardens, patios, and front lawn, should be as flexible and transformative as your interiors. Clever use of lights in your garden will create a beautiful space that is useful all year round, regardless of sunlight.

However, there are a few things you need to know when lighting up your garden or any other outdoor landscape. In this article, we will list out some helpful tips:

Add lights with discretion

Lights can be tucked away around the garden, creating a beautiful ambiance when it is dark. When left in the direct display, these lights can appear a little too harsh, but when installed with discretion, they will give a gentle illumination.

Create a silhouette with ground level lights

Ground-level lights can be used as backdrop features in your garden. They create silhouettes of trees, plants, statues, and other objects in the garden to highlight their form and structure.

Create focal points

The focal points of your garden are usually the area or an object that is used to get the attention of your visitors or passersby. You can create a focal point using a fountain, a sculpture, or even drop lights on tree trunks and branches.

Use lights to bring color and texture

Garden lights can bring far more than just illumination to your garden; they can also be used to bring accents of color and texture. You can use silk lanterns which come in different beautiful colors. Although they are not permanent features, they will serve as long as they can last.

Add a cozy atmosphere with flames

There’s little more welcoming or intimate in a garden than a flame or a series of carefully placed flames. This can be easily introduced with candles, lanterns, or a fire pit. But we love the scattered shadows that a Moroccan-style lantern can produce.

Don’t forget to upgrade to an LED

LED lights are highly recommended for illuminating your garden as they save energy bills and are safe to put around trees because they do not generate heat which may lead to fire outbreaks and damage to your landscape. They last longer than regular yellow fluorescent bulbs and lights. If you want to light your garden or outdoor landscape, an upgrade to LED lights is your best bet.

Need help designing and lighting up your garden in Austin?

At LED Austin City Lights, we offer various professional residential outdoor lighting services to completely transform your home’s landscape into a brilliant nighttime display for you to enjoy day after day.

Our lighting experts use top-of-the-line, energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures to enhance your gardens, trees, pathways, driveways, and hardscapes to ensure your property looks stunning at night. Contact us now to light up and transform your home’s landscape.

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