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Enhance the Safety and Security of Your Austin Business With Automated Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to the safety and security of their businesses in Austin, TX, most business owners often overlook automated outdoor lighting. Even if you’ve invested in the latest security systems, a lack of adequate outdoor lighting and an easy-to-use control system can leave your business premises vulnerable to threats. If you own a business in Austin, you may wonder how installing or upgrading your commercial outdoor lighting can enhance safety and security.

How commercial outdoor lighting can enhance the safety and security of your business

No matter the kind of commercial enterprise you run in Austin, outdoor lighting can play a massive role in improving safety and security. A well-lit business premise ensures there are no dark corners and hiding spots, making it difficult for criminals to carry out nefarious activities. By illuminating your building’s walkways, parking lots, and entry points, there’s less likelihood of break-ins and theft.

In addition, outdoor lighting can make your existing security measures more effective. For example, quality illumination enables infrared cameras to capture in color rather than black and white. Also, in a well-lit environment, camera footages are clearer, making it easier for your security team to identify potential threats and spot suspicious behavior easily and faster. Furthermore, the risks of tripping hazards significantly reduce in an illuminated space, making it safe for staff and customers to navigate walkways, entrances, and parking lots.

How the ability to remotely manage and control outdoor lighting can enhance safety and security

Automating your commercial outdoor lighting system enables you to manage and control the illumination of your property from anywhere. You can adjust the intensity of the lights and schedule them to turn on and go off at specific times from your smartphone or computer. These features offer several advantages in enhancing safety and security at your business premises.

For instance, your security team can increase the intensity of the lights when they detect suspicious behavior. Also, if there are burnt-out bulbs or malfunctioning fixtures, your security team can easily detect and fix these issues.

Commercial outdoor lighting types your Austin business can use

Various lighting types are available to enhance the safety and security of your business and cater to your different needs. As an Austin outdoor lighting company, we can help you understand and select the best options for your Austin business.

LED floodlights are ideal for illuminating large areas such as parking lots and can be mounted on rooftops, poles, and other elevated surfaces.

Bollard lights are short posts about three to four feet above the ground and are perfect for illuminating walkways and pathways.

Pole-mounted lights - As the name implies, they are mounted on poles to provide widespread illumination.

Area lights - Similar to pole-mounted lights, area lights are used to provide widespread illumination to a wide range of outdoor spaces.

Canopy lights are commonly installed under overhangs or canopies and installed to ensure the area below is well-illuminated.

Motion-activated lighting is energy-efficient and comes on only when motion is detected.

Don't leave your business in the dark. Invest in outdoor lighting for your Austin business today

If you’re ready to enhance the security of your Austin business and create a safe environment for staff, customers, and visitors, reach out to us today. We will help you design, install, and program the right automated outdoor lighting that works for you.

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