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Ideas for Lighting Your Patio and Deck This Spring

With the right lighting options, your patio and deck can look awesome this spring. Whether you are looking to host parties or dinners or want better visibility while having your time outdoors, lighting can help you achieve unique aesthetic effects that meld well with the spring season. Here are some ideas for lighting your deck and patio this spring.

Downlighting for trees

Downlighting is done by hanging light fixtures on a tree or a pole and directed downwards, illuminating everyone under the tree or poles. If you have kids and pets that play around at night during family time, you can use downlighting to give proper illumination to avoid tripping and falling.

Wall lighting

If you want a well-illuminated patio and deck without blazing overhead lights, then wall lighting is the best option for you. They can be attached to your outdoor space's posts, walls, or siding. If your deck has an outdoor kitchen, place the wall lighting on the wall or above the cooking area.

Deck lighting

Deck lighting is great for making your outdoor space very accessible. Lighting your walkways leading to your backyard and outdoor space makes navigation safer for residents and visitors at night. With well-illuminated steps, you can prevent injuries from tripping due to low visibility.

String(bistro) lighting

This creates a star-like illusion when you drape string lights from roofs or posts, especially when you have an open deck with a view of the sky. Hanging the string lights creates an illusion of viewing the stars with the design of the lights. When going for string lighting, always ensure to go for LED strings if you are looking at longevity and to save money on energy bills.

Motion activated lighting

If you want to illuminate the pathways leading to the backyard or patio, opt for motion-activated lighting. These lights are activated and come on only when there's movement around them and go off when the movement stops. They are perfect for dark areas in your backyard that don't need constant light unless people are around.

Enhance your patio and deck this spring and elevate your outdoor living experience

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space this spring? Austin LED City Lights will handle the job. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting options that are especially practical for the spring season and guaranteed to beautify your deck and patio. Contact us today.

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