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Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Transform Your Deck at Night

Are you installing a new decking area or already have one? Always treat that space like you would every other room or part of the house used for dining and relaxation. The creative and proper use of deck lighting lets you enjoy the best of outdoor living far into the night. With a well-lit deck, you can unwind after a long day at work or create memorable times with your loved ones. Here are some ideas to brighten and beautify your deck.

Install wall sconces

Wall sconces help to accentuate your deck by adding a touch of luxury and elegance. If a classic and sophisticated look is what you're after, wall sconces are the perfect lighting installment for your deck.

They're not only great for visibility, but also for highlighting various features of the deck, such as flower pots or artwork. They work well above sofa seating, lighting the area for reading and relaxation as the night gradually draws in.

Add seat wall lights to make deck stairs safe

By installing seat wall lights, you introduce an aesthetic and safety feature to your deck. Of course, it's not visible during the day. However, at night, the effect is quite functional, as you and your family can move easily up and down the seats without fear of tripping.

Install a fire pit table

One way to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere on the deck is to install a fire pit table. It brings warmth, lights up the deck at night, and provides a truly luxurious and cozy atmosphere when combined with string lights, wall sconces and step lights.

Make your deck an extension of your home

If done right, your covered deck can become an actual extension of your home. To produce a soft, entertaining, and relaxing effect that isn’t too bright or causes glare, lighting fixtures can be installed at intervals on the supporting beam of the roof. It’ll surprise you to see how well the right deck lighting fixtures can create an ambiance for a perfect evening with your loved ones.

Led tape lights for deck stairs and railings

Led tape lights provide a unique way of illuminating the deck stairs and railings. It is different from other options because of its tape-like nature, which creates a uniform widespread on a large area.

Are you looking to enhance your deck and property at night? Contact us at LED Austin City Lights. Our dedicated team and group of experts will work closely with you to create a landscape lighting design that suits your property.

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