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Top Ways and Benefits of Adding Light Features Around Your Pool Area

Thinking of adding light features around your pool area but not yet convinced? Pool lighting can transform and enhance your pool experience and help to create a backyard ambiance that's uniquely yours.

Pool lighting can be designed in a variety of ways to provide a variety of different effects. Here are some of them:

Ways to add light features around your pool area

Overhead lighting

Lighting that dangles over the pool is a great option for providing ambient light without putting anyone in danger of running into the fixtures. They'll illuminate the pool and its surrounding regions, including the walkways.

Colorful led lighting

How about some vibrant hues to liven up your pool? Install LED lights in it! They are available in a rainbow of eye-popping hues, from red and blue to white, green, and even magenta. Your chosen color palette may greatly influence the atmosphere of your outdoor spaces.

Pool deck lighting

This is a fantastic way to illuminate your pool area without erecting any additional structures. You can install in-ground lights for illumination around the pool's perimeter. No one will be rushing around to switch off the lights accidentally. They'll be hidden away in the decking.

Lighting with tiki torches

Think about high-quality tiki torches that can be plugged into an electrical outlet and provide ambiance and light. Tiki lights of the professional variety are made of brass and copper and are hardwired into your garden.

Pool stair and waterfall lighting

One way to make the most of a pool waterfall is to install lights around it. This way, even after dark, the flowing water can be appreciated. You'll agree that the outcome is striking, especially when paired with the lighted stairwells on either side.

Benefits of adding light features around your pool area

It improves the aesthetic of the space

While aesthetics certainly are not the only benefits of pool lighting, there's no question that lights will make your entire pool area look better. Having the pool lit up in the dark can create a whole "poolscape" scene that is enjoyable even if you aren't using the pool.

It makes the pool safe

Lighting around the pool area ensures that your pool is more visible, and it's an important consideration, especially if you have children and pets. Without lighting, you risk everyone's safety. It would be easy for someone to trip over something and fall into the pool, which could lead to a devastating accident.

Extends pool use into the evening

Why limit the use of your pool only to the daytime? Installing quality landscape lighting around the pool helps you enjoy your pool and outdoor space to the fullest, turning it into an enchanting paradise perfect for relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying time spent with family and friends late into the evening and night.

Highlight specific features

When installing or remodeling a swimming pool, you have many fantastic options that will make it extraordinary. No matter what features you've put in, you can use pool lights to highlight them. You may have designed a tropical theme for your deck. Or maybe you've filled the pool area with vegetation spots.

Improves your property’s ambiance

The proper swimming pool lighting can set the perfect mood. Whether you're looking to enjoy an excellent time with your family outdoors or entertaining your guests, swimming pool lighting can give you a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your evening.

Surely, our list of pool lighting ideas will prove inspirational for you. But remember that you need a professional lighting expert like LED Austin Lights to help you install the lights and turn your dream into reality. Contact us today!

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