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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Lighting Features

Lights have an aesthetic and transformative effect on the outdoors, depending on how they’re installed and applied. When applied right, outdoor lighting can totally revamp features like greenery, pathways, fountains, statues, and other features of the landscape. Additionally, you can customize your decks and patios to specific tastes, making your outdoors a desirable place to stay even at night.

Let’s check out some ways you can transform your outdoor space with lighting features.

Improve the safety of your home with security lights

Adding security lights to outdoor spaces in your home makes it much safer. You can see the whole landscape and the activities going around your home at night.

When your home or surroundings are dark, many dangerous animals or pests can hide in the corners of your home, and it may not be easy to detect them.

Additionally, well-placed security lights guarantee you and your family's safety because the lighting will help you detect any person or criminal trying to trespass on your property at night.

Give off ambiance with string lights

Today, string lights are increasingly popular lighting installations used to invoke an intimate, warm ambiance for outdoor spaces meant for entertainment, such as outdoor dining areas and seating.

String lights are low voltage and come in various forms like LEDs, solar, and rechargeable.

Additionally, string lights on trees and greenery can transform your outdoors and give off a warm holiday feeling, such as what you have with outdoor Christmas lighting. You can also use it to highlight the trees themself, especially when they’re well-groomed.

Enjoy nighttime outdoor activity

Many people enjoy sitting outside during the day to enjoy the view from their lawn or garden but can't do that at night because of how dark it is. You can also sit outside at night and enjoy the garden view with the right outdoor lighting.

Lights in outdoor sitting and dining areas are warm and comforting, while patio and deck lights mean that any social events you may be hosting are not limited to the daytime or indoors alone.

Earn the admiration of your neighbors and visitors with brilliant aesthetics

Outdoor lighting will make your home look amazing and breathtaking. The right kind of lights can transform a drab setting into something truly stunning.

It brings out the beauty of your home because it will display the structure, highlight dimensions and shape, and any outdoor features.

Highlight pathways

Illuminating your pathways has both functional and aesthetic effects on the outdoors. It can help visitors safely navigate their way around the space while giving off a truly enchanting atmosphere.

You can install them on the path leading up to your front porch or next to your backyard's flower beds and other features.

Showcase the best features with spotlighting

If you have a fountain, statue, or any other significant features of the landscape that you’d like to highlight, you can do no better than spotlighting.

You get to shine narrow, mid-intensity light beams upward to showcase your desired features. At ground level, you can use up-lighting for the same effect.

If you want to enhance your building and property with brilliant lighting solutions, contact us at LED Austin City Lights today.

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